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Fortunate Son

Fortunate Son is the Stand of Jordan Johanneson, featured in the Jojo fancomic Crimson Jungle.

It is a Close-range Power stand that possesses the ability to create napalm and detonate it with a snap of the user's fingers.


Fortunate Son is a humanoid Stand with a somewhat muscular build and tall stature, usually standing at Jordan's height or taller.

Its head is adorned in a hood and a tall crown with five points. The hood is a part of a long cape held by two round brooches, which reaches around Fortunate Son's knees.

It is clad in pieces of armor that covers most of its body, save for the neck, upper arms, stomach, hip and knee joints. The exposed areas are overlaid by metallic mesh with a square grid pattern. Its shoulders are covered with heart-shaped pauldrons with a single spike protruding from each one. Fortunate Son's chestplate has two differently colored strips arranged in a V-shape, with the upper strip being thicker and having a zigzag pattern. The back of its hands feature three studs, two round ones on the sides and a kite-shaped one in the middle. Its waist portion has larger kite-shaped pieces covering the sides and the crotch.


Although Fortunate Son does not possess a personality of its own, it does appear to have a sense of self-preservation, as it has protected Jordan from oncoming attacks multiple times like in the Spandau Ballet fight where it shielded him from Faisan's shot. Usually it is seen with a blank or angry expression during fights, however in rare cases it can display other emotions, often mirroring its user - appearing shocked upon being jammed or annoyed when confronting an enemy.


Fortunate Son can create combustible gel that can detonate

Fortunate Son is a Close-range stand, which makes it great at fighting physically with the tradeoff of a short range, as it is never seen far away from Jordan. It is characterized by its exceptional strength, being able to hold off a falling bomb, as well as its high speed as it could catch a stand as fast as Ga Tan's in the middle of it darting around.

Explosive Gel

Fortunate Son's signature ability is the creation of an explosive gel. The gel has some properties of napalm, such as easily adhering to surfaces, being combustible and having a particular smell, however it is used almost exclusively as an explosive in battle, detonating after Jordan snaps his fingers. The force created by the explosion is strong enough to break through walls, however it does not appear to harm Jordan, as he repeatedly detonates it to launch himself in the air.