Who is Jordan

Jordan Johanneson is the main protagonist of the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fancomic Crimson Jungle, a fanpart set in an alternate universe during the Vietnam War. He is the illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar.

Jordan is an American 18-year-old US Army conscript who was drafted to fight on the frontlines of the Vietnam War. After being dispatched to Saigon, he was attacked by members of the Lonely Hearts gang on his way there, and has since become the main target of their nefarious plans.

Jordan is a Stand user, wielding the powerful Fortunate Son to create combustible explosive gel.

Character Profile

Age: 18

Birthday: May 9th, 1949

Height: 6'0

Favorite color: Cream orange

Favorite musicians: The Doors, The Rolling Stones

Favorite food: Cheeseburgers

Likes: Music, cars, jewelry

Dislikes: People, crowds, being rushed to do things


Joseph, Jordan's father as seen in the Stand World

Jordan was born on May 9th, 1949 to Florence Johanneson and Joseph Joestar. Almost from the get-go his life had been a rather lonely one - his father left the family when he was young, and so his mother had to raise the boy on her own. At some point, she died from an unspecified reason, which left Jordan to fend off on his own, which forced him to grow up fast.

Although not yet mentioned in the comic, it is confirmed via Word of God that Jordan is a transgender man. In the context of 1960s America this means navigating the treacherous social landscape of the time. No specific details were given concerning Jordan's transition, however it is clear that he passes as a cis man, and multiple pieces of official art depict him with mastectomy scars.

In late 1967 he had been drafted by the US Army to fight in the Vietnam War, which had been going for about 2 years at the time. Jordan's father, while rich from owning a real estate agency, had not used his power to bail him out, a fact which Jordan lamented greatly.

After setting foot in South Vietnam, starting from November 3rd he underwent 10 weeks of basic training under the watchful eye of Sergeant Peppers at the Tan Son Nhut Air Base, having to endure humiliation at his hands and be ordered around. Around this time he meets Seal Croft, a fellow soldier who saw him getting harassed by Peppers during a training session. From this point onwards their relationship would blossom into a friendly bond, and perhaps something even more.

Jordan in Fireteam Bravo

After the training period, Jordan was assigned to Fireteam Bravo for an extraction operation along with three other men. On their way to the extraction point, Jordan's teammates were gunned down in an ambush attack by Viet Cong soldiers. Jordan shot and killed the assailants in retaliation - the first time he had taken another life. He was the only soldier who managed to come back to base.

Crimson Jungle

On their way to Saigon

On January 31st, 1968 the Viet Cong army launches the Tet Offensive, having taken control of Saigon. The news is announced over loudspeaker in Tan Son Nhut Air Base, and the division sends out troops to counterattack. As he was preparing, Jordan had an encounter with an army general, whom he proceeded to threaten after the latter put his hand on him. After a brief checkup, the general sends Jordan on his way to Saigon along with Seal, after which he informs the Lonely Hearts about his arrival.

Jordan awakens his Stand

On their way to the city, Jordan gets pierced in the neck with a Stand Arrow in a surprise attack from the Lonely Hearts, after which he loses consciousness and is rushed to the nearest med station by Seal. He is then treated by the nurse Malu Loris, but they're interrupted by another assault from the Lonely Heart Ga Tan, who, with the help of his stand, launches a barrage of attacks against Jordan's friend. Meanwhile, Jordan's consciousness is transported to a bizarre realm called the Stand World, where he reminisces on his life up until that point. His internal monologue is interrupted by an unknown presence, which explains to Jordan the concept of Stands and that he was chosen by the Arrow to wield one himself, drawing its power the near infinite pool of energy in the Stand World. Jordan then exits the Stand World and wakes up in the real world, using his newly found power to fend off his opponent. He names this power Fortunate Son and defeats Ga Tan via blowing him up with a chunk of napalm created by Fortunate Son.

After the fight, Jordan faints again and later wakes up in a jeep driven by Seal, with Malu tagging along. He proposes the idea of leaving Vietnam to the two - a daring idea to be sure, but they unanimously agree to the plan. This kickstarts Jordan's journey, where he meets many enemies and allies along the way.


"I, Jordan Johanneson, am leaving Vietnam!!!"

Jordan is a very standoffish and withdrawn man, never displaying vulnerability and only putting his defenses down around his friends. He holds no respect for authorities, choosing to do things his own way, which gets him in plenty of trouble. Being rather brash and not bothering with formalities, he ends up clashing with a lot of people, including some of his allies, and he does not hesitate to use underhanded tactics to get his way. Jordan believes in carving one's own path than flowing along, having been powerless to change his situation for almost his entire life, a trait which rises to the surface after receiving his Stand. According to himself, there are four things he hates about people: when they touch him, to the point that he blows up on anyone who crosses this boundary; when they're constantly loud; when they interrupt him, and when they lie to him.